Calling all gamers! If you’ve ever wanted to rock a round of Fortnite with a Toronto Maple Leaf, now’s your chance. In a video posted on the TML Twitter account, Zach Hyman announced he’d be playing video games with fans while he practices social distancing. How sweet is that?

In the video posted Thursday, March 19, Hyman stressed the importance of staying home right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, he added: "That doesn’t mean we can’t talk to each other. We can still play video games, FaceTime people on our phones, talk to our friends, just keep a little bit of distance.”

The 27-year-old children’s book author went on to invite anyone who’s interested to reach out so he could play games with them online.  

“Come and play with me some video games. We can play Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex, NHL, you name it, I’m in,” Hyman announced in the video.

That's right, fancy playing some NHL against an actual NHL player? Now's your chance.

It comes as no surprise that the hockey player, who is also CEO of Elleven Gaming and SoaR Gaming, would be spending this alone time with his consoles.

And, as he pointed out in the clip, a day full of gaming and snacks is something he really likes doing anyway.

Time to hop into his Twitter mentions.

Hyman’s gaming e-vite comes on the heels of a video posted Wednesday, March 18, where Morgan Rielly shared his simple hand washing tips. 

Perhaps this isn’t the kind of hockey content fans expect at this time of year, but it seems appreciated nonetheless.

So far, Hyman hasn’t announced how long his gaming party will last, but here’s hoping it turns into a multi-day event. 

Of course, if you’re not into video games but still want to spend the day with your favourite Leafs players, why not check out some of their favourite movies on Netflix instead?

You may not be watching simultaneously, but one can dream, right?

Also included in his self-appointed isolation room was a notepad for ideas. 

So, who knows? Perhaps we can expect another new book from this multi-talented hockey player in the near future as well.