Toronto Zoo Supporters Donated Enough Money In 9 Days For 6 Months Of Food

Over half a million dollars has been raised for the animals!
Toronto Zoo Supporters Donated Enough Money In 9 Days For 6 Months Of Food

Toronto, this is one hell of an effort. After setting a goal to raise $100,000 to help cover lost revenue and feed its animals, the Toronto Zoo revealed on Friday, April 24, that it has actually received over five times that amount already. Thanks to the charity of others, the Zoo Food For Life Campaign has raised enough money in a single week to cover six months of food costs.

The zoo had launched the campaign on April 16 due to critical losses in revenue from the park being closed.

At the time, it explained that parking costs and visitor entrance fees are generally used on food supplies for animals. With no visitors coming through the doors in over a month, the zoo has been struggling badly.

Well, according to a press release issued by the zoo on Friday, Toronto has stepped up more than could ever have been hoped for.

Donations are still being processed but the zoo has already received over $500,000 in the nine days the campaign has been running.

That is enough to cover half a year's worth of food costs.

"The outpouring of support for our zoo and its animals has been genuinely overwhelming!" said Dolf DeJong, Toronto Zoo CEO, via the press release.

"In addition to making donations online, people found other creative ways to support us. Many restaurants, wholesale food suppliers and others with food products reached out."

“This has truly been an outstanding demonstration of how much people care about the Toronto Zoo..." Beth Gilhespy, Executive Director of the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy, added.

"Donations from our supporters in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada were overwhelming, and we also received support from around the world."

We're sure the animals are just as grateful.

If you've been wondering what they've been up to, the zoo has you covered through its social media channels.

It seems life has actually been getting more and more exciting for the gorillas, who have made unexpected friends with the zoo's tortoises.

They were also able to meet up with the alpacas too this week and they were just so excited!

We're here for these new friendships, let us tell you.

Although a few animals may be venturing out to meet new friends, zoo staff have been taking very good care of the animals. Especially the cats, after a four-year-old Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in the U.S was found to have tested positive for the virus.

The campaign has surpassed its goal for the next few months, but with around $1 million needed to cover an entire year's worth of food costs, it is still accepting donations.