12 Paid Internship Programs In Toronto

The top positions in a variety of fields.

With summer right around the corner, it's time to start applying to internships! Who will be the lucky company to get your hard work in exchange for nothing? Well, all of these programs have some kind of compensation so they're a good bet if you need to earn money between semesters. Whether you get a regular salary, a stipend or something fancy called an honorarium, you're guaranteed to bring in a little bit of cash while you learn on the job. 

Internships are a huge stepping stone on a career path. They're crucial for learning more about your industry, making connections and adding to your portfolio. Each of the internship opportunities on this list has their own expectations around prior experience and your status.

For most of them, you're going to have to be enrolled in school since it's illegal for many companies to do a co-op or internship unless you're getting school credit for your work. Just be sure to double check with your advisor or with the company's HR person to make sure that you know what you're walking into! 

Here are the top paid internships you can get in Toronto:

Marketing Intern

Salary: $15 to $20 per hour

Marketing interns are really important to the success of any organization. You'll learn about everything from email marketing to market trends and graphic design at this hands-on internship. Help build brands and companies and learn new tools for the job while you're on the job.

Social Media Intern

Salary: $15 per hour

Put all your Instagram knowledge to good use! Social media interns are in hot demand because each company needs to have amazing social media profiles in order to be relevant. If you want to make a career out of social media, then you have to get an internship like this because it's basically a playground to see what works and what doesn't!

Event Assistant Intern

Salary: $16 per hour

Creative type-A personalities should apply for this internship! Planning a party is a lot of work and you'll learn how to solve problems in a pinch, create clear lines of communications and coordinate a ton of moving pieces. This is a great position for anyone interested in going into the events or hospitality industry. Plus, you're probably going to get free champagne at some point.

Editorial Intern

Salary: $1000 per month

Interested in writing? Hit up your favourite media outlet or publication and send them some samples of your work. Editorial internships are always in season and they're great for refining your research and writing skills. You might not get paid much, but you'll get a ton of valuable experience, contacts and pieces for your portfolio.

Videography Intern

Salary: $14 to $20 per hour

If your career as a Youtuber hasn't taken off yet, then consider an internship as a videographer! You already have a ton of video making skills to bring to the table, but here's your chance to put them to work in a professional setting. Lots of companies are doing their own in-house media these days so there are a lot of opportunities out there.

Developer Intern

Salary: $40,000 per year

Budding developers can do co-op programs to get out of the classroom and see what it's like in the day of a coder. This is a great chance to see what you want to do and learn about cutting edge technologies and programming languages while you meet other devs.

Graphic Design Intern

Salary: $14 to $18 per hour

Being a graphic design intern is a great way to learn how to work with clients and create projects for companies. As long as you have a basic grasp of a few programs, almost anyone can do graphic design! It's better to learn on the job through trial and error sometimes. Be sure to save your designs so you can look back in 10 years and laugh at yourself.

Communications/PR Intern

Salary: $18 per hour

The world of communications and PR is fascinating, especially if you're a people person! Learn how companies communicate and get their products and services noticed by joining a PR team as an intern. You'll get to work with a lot of different departments in this role, too so it's kind of at the centre of it all.

Admin Intern

Salary: $15 per hour

Admin interns are a catch-all but they can be one of the most rewarding internships to do since they have such a wide focus. From office management and HR to reception work and being the public face of a company, you'll learn a lot of transferable skills here. This is a great position to do if you love a particular company or organization but you aren't sure what you want to do for work yet.

HR Intern

Salary: $15 to $23 per hour

If you're eager to learn about HR outside of the classroom, there's no better place than at an internship. From payroll to data management, there are lots to in the high-octane world of human resources! Each company has their own way of doing HR so it's good to get a variety of experience to prepare you.

Sales Intern

Salary: $30,000 per year

If you're interested in a career in sales, then being an intern is amazing because you get to learn the ins and outs without any pressure to make your commission! You'll probably spend most of your time doing various tasks to help out the actual sales professionals, but you'll get to see firsthand if sales is a good path for you.

UX/UI Design Intern

Salary: $34,000 per year

A little bit of basic programming and graphic design knowledge will carry you far at this internship! The lines between UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are a little blurry but the UX designer is concerned about the flow of the website/app/program and the UI designer is concerned with the actual look but there's a lot of overflows here. You could be on your way to an in-demand career in no time with this internship.