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Toronto's Grinder Coffee Offered To Pick Tom Hanks Up On The TTC To Get Him To Visit

They're really going all out to get Hanks' attention.
Toronto's Grinder Coffee Offered To Pick Tom Hanks Up On The TTC To Get Him To Visit

Yesterday, September 5, was a very big day for Torontonians - it was the kickoff of the Toronto International Film Festival.  TIFF is easily one of Toronto's biggest events of the year, not only for attracting tourists but for attracting major celebrities as well. Toronto's Grinder Coffee Tom Hanks campaign is still going strong.

For seven days now, a local coffee shop has been running a social media campaign in hopes of attracting the beloved actor into the shop for a visit and some coffee. In 2018, the shop took a similar approach in luring Canadian actor and total heartthrob Ryan Gosling in, and it actually worked quite well!

Grinder Coffee owner, Joelle Murray is working with a $100 budget for the ten-day campaign, and despite the tight funds, she's getting quite creative in her approaches. If I was Tom Hanks, I would definitely pay a stop to the coffee shop ASAP.

Today, September 6, kicked off day seven of the #TomNeedsGrinder campaign. In today's attempt to entice the actor, Murray took the Tom Hanks cutout with her on the TTC, promising Hanks that Grinder Coffee would personally pick him up via transit and take him in for a cup of coffee.

"Day 7 of our #tomneedsgrinder campaign. We understand @tomhanks that Grinder is a bit out of the way from the #tiff hub. We wanted to send you a limo to pick to come pick you up, however that is too expensive for our budget. The link is in the bio! As a compromise we will personally pick you up on the #ttc and bring you back for #coffee. Better we pick you up as 2 years ago @idriselba must have gotten lost on his way here. In reality this is a much better way to view our fine city (don't worry we will cover your ttc fare). We have taken the liberty of preparing a video montage on how fun riding the rocket really is. Looking forward to seeing you soon. #tiff2019 #coffeehouse #torontocafe", she wrote on Instagram.

If Hanks shows, Murray has promised him a free cup of coffee, and 15% off for his entourage (running a small business isn't easy, people). With just three days left in the #TomNeedsGrinder campaign, let's hope the actor hears the word in time and stops by!