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You Can Save Harry From The Dursleys At This Wizard-Themed Escape Room Near Toronto

You'll need to Alohomora your way out of this!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Toronto's Harry Potter Escape Room Lets You Save Him From The Dursley's

Calling all Harry Potter fans! It's time to hop on your broomstick and speed over to Privet Drive because Harry needs your help. If you think you've got the magic touch, you can head over to this magical escape room near the 6ix to break Harry out of his evil relatives' home. Toronto's Harry Potter escape room is trickier than Peeves the Poltergeist.

Anyone familiar with the Wizarding World knows that apart from the Forbidden Forest, the Dursleys' home is one of the worst places to be.

Harry's aunt, uncle, and cousin were far from comfortable with the fact that he was a wizard, and they certainly didn't like him going to Hogwarts.

Remember when they locked him in his bedroom to prevent him from going back to school?

This time, it looks like the Weasleys aren't around to save him, and it's up to you and your friends to break him out of the Dursleys' clutches.

Oshawa Escapes is hosting a magical wizard-themed escape room, and it will transport you right to Vernon and Petunia's home.

The Privet Drive escape room lets you help a young wizard break out of his relative's home and return to his enchanting school.

You'll feel like Ron Weasley as you come to his aid, no flying car licence needed.

The activity runs for 60 minutes and requires four to eight players.

It's rated as a medium level of difficulty, so it can't be quite as difficult as one of Snape's potion classes.

The cost in Muggle money is $26.55 per person, plus tax. You can book your spot online.

If you're in need of more enchantment in your life, you can go to a live Harry Potter orchestra this spring and relive the movie magic on the big screen.

Grab your wands and your closest wizard and witch comrades and save Harry from the Dursleys.

Privet Drive Escape Room

Price: $26.55 per person

Address: 461 Park Rd. S., Oshawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Use your magic to break Harry out of the Dursleys' so he can get back to Hogwarts!

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