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Canada Now Has A Japanese Love Hotel And Every Room Has A Unique Theme

Would you stay in the angel theme room?
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Canada Now Has A Japanese Love Hotel And Every Room Has A Unique Theme

Toronto just got a brand new hotel, and it is unlike anything else in the city. Tokyo Love Hotel, a Japanese inspired love hotel where every room has a unique theme.

What is a love hotel? They are hotels that offer short-term (pay by the hour) or nightly accommodations for couples. They became mainstream in Japan because homes offered no privacy with common sleeping areas or thin walls. So instead of staying at their home, couples would visit a love hotel for an intimate getaway.

Love hotels began appearing in Japan in the 17th century, and are now mainstream in Japan and parts of Asia. Currently, there are approximately 40,000 love hotels just in Japan! Tokyo Love Hotel is Canada's first and only authentic love hotel.

Toronto's new love hotel is at 29 Wellesley Street East. Inside Tokyo Love Hotel each room has a unique theme, a feature common in love hotels in Japan. Within the hotel, there are three types of 'Fantasy Rooms' for guests. There is a heavenly white room where you'll find angel wings and fluffy white clouds decorating the space. While in the blue room you'll find a water bed, soft blue light, and mirrored walls.

All the rooms in the hotel come with free Netflix, Youtube and wifi. Plus there will be a welcome package waiting for you with "refreshments, sweet treats and adult goodies".

One of the key values of the hotel is discreetness, so all reservations are made online, and check-in is anonymous. When you stay at the hotel, you will be able to use your phone as the key to your room.

To stay at the hotel, you need to be 19+. Currently, they have several promotions taking place as part of their grand opening promotion.

Tokyo Love Hotel

Price Per Night: $70 per hour or $120 for two hours

Address: 29 Wellesley Street East

Why you need to go: Tokyo Love Hotel is perfect for couples who are looking for privacy from their roommates.

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