A Massive Nordic Spa Is Opening Less Than An Hour Away From Toronto This Fall

Spend the day at this dreamy oasis!
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Toronto's Le Nordik Spa Is Opening This Fall & It's A Dreamy Oasis

If this winter has you frozen to the core, you can take solace in the fact that next winter, there will be a whole new way to warm up. You won't have to stay indoors under layers of blankets in order to keep cozy, you can actually enjoy the snowy weather outside while lounging in the steaming pools at this new spa. Start dreaming about your future getaway at Toronto's Le Nordik Spa, opening just a car ride away from the city this fall. 

A brand new luxurious spa is coming to Whitby this year, and it's going to be your new favourite place to pamper yourself.

Le Nordik is slated to open in Fall 2020, just in time for the chilly season. 

The venue is less than an hour's drive from Toronto, making it the perfect spot to visit for the day.

The huge spa is a relaxation paradise filled with all sorts of services that let you forget the business of everyday life.

The seven outdoor pools will be available in three temperatures — hot, cold, and temperate.

There will also be eight saunas to keep you cozy, including a giant event sauna that can accommodate up to 90 people.

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The saltwater floatation pool is worth taking a dip in, and its mineral-rich waters offer benefits like tension relief and healing.

The beach area and fire pits are perfect for lounging by, and there are three restaurants available for you to indulge in.

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The spa offers traditional services as well, from massages to body treatments.

Le Nordik is originally from Quebec, and this location is the largest Nordic Spa in North America. Soon, we can bask in all the luxury of this massive spa in Ontario.

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The Whitby location has been in the works for several years, and we're excited to finally have a projected opening date. 

Start planning your getaway to this enormous wellness retreat this year!

Le Nordik Whitby

Price: Prices TBA

When: Opening Fall 2020

Address: 300 Taunton Rd. W., Whitby, ON

Why You Need To Go: Treat yourself to a day at this giant dreamy spa coming to Ontario this year.

Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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