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Town Shoes, Jean Machine and Multiple Other Retail Stores Are Closing Throughout Canada This Month

Here's all the Canadian retail stores that will be closing in 2019.
Town Shoes, Jean Machine and Multiple Other Retail Stores Are Closing Throughout Canada This Month

With a fresh new year ahead of us, it’s time to start new and move on from the past. Apparently, retailers in Canada are thinking the same thing as we head into 2019, as multiple stores have announced store closures across Canada within the upcoming months. Jean Machine and Town Shoes will be shutting down completely throughout Canada, while other retailers will be closing a few stores throughout the nation. 

Many of these stores are very familiar to Canadians and have been seen throughout shopping malls across the nation for quite some year.  Retail Insider hints that these won’t be the only retail stores to close down this year. Throughout the year they expect multiple other closures to be announced.

Jean Machine and Town Shoes are shutting down all of their stores within the next two months. All 38 Town Shoes locations will be closed by the end of January, while all 24 Jean Machine stores will also be shut down by the end of February.

Retail expert, Bruce Winder states that these smaller chains with no online shopping activity have a higher risk of going bankrupt and being forced to close their doors, which is something that Jean Machine started to face in 2018.

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Lowe's is also among the list of stores that are slowly starting to fade. By the end of January, Lowe's Canada will close 27 underperforming stores throughout Canada. The Lowe’s locations in North York and Sault Ste. Marie will be closing down. The rest of the stores closing will be one Reno-Depot in Calgary and 24 RONA stores across Canada.

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Along with all the multiple store closures, there are some companies which are closing down a few stores in the upcoming months as well. This means that although the retail company won’t be shutting down all over Canada, you may lose your favourite shopping spot near you.

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In Toronto, the Hugo Boss on Bloor Street West is set to close on January 20 and the J.Crew in the Toronto Eaton Centre will be closing in just a few days, on January 6. J. Crew has closed multiple stores throughout Canada and may be hinting at more closures in the future.

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If any of these stores have become a regular in your shopping routines, I would definitely recommend having one more visit with your local store to check out the closing sales and to say your goodbyes before they shut down for good.

Source: Retail-Insider, CTV News