Growing up in Canada, one thing all Canadian kids could agree on was that there was no better place in the world then Toys "R" Us. We all begged our parents to let us go take a look inside. The toy store giant was always lined with all of the latest games and gadgets you could dream of. 

After the financial hardships Toys "R" Us felt in the United States, the toy company survived bankruptcy and officially became Canadian owned and operated.  Now the company is planning to open a new series of  "Toybox" style stores which are smaller in size and will offer an enhanced and personalized shopping experience.

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The new "Toybox" store will be opening in Guelph at Stone Road Mall this upcoming Saturday, November 17th. According to Guelph Today, Melanie Teed-Murch, President of Toys "R" Us Canada and resident of Guelph said that the company is looking to roll out more small-scale stores in today's market. 

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"We’re trying to show that in smaller markets, we really don’t need 40,000 square-foot stores. The future is a more nimble, adaptable, curated digital box with expanded shelf," she explained to the local publication. 

What we currently know about the new "Toybox" location is that it only spans around 10,000 square feet, much smaller compared to their regular 40,000 square feet warehouse stores.  Employees on the sales floors will also have handheld devices to assist shoppers in finding items they're interested in or ordering them to be delivered directly to your home. 

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The Stone Road Mall still has the store listed under Toys "R" Us but the signage for the small-scale store does include a "Toybox" logo also. Melanie Teed-Murch explained that this store is the first of its kind in Canada.

"Here is really more of a curated, thoughtful assortment around convenience," the Toys "R" Us President explained to Guelph Today. "We want you to come in and try these toys out. We want you to dwell in here, hang out and try the products out."

While the "Toybox" concept stores may not resemble what most Canadians remember about Toys "R" Us growing up, it's nice to see the company still thriving in Canada!

If you want to see the first "Toybox" Toys "R" Us store in Canada, you can visit Stone Road Mall in Guelph for the grand opening this Saturday

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