It is time to pack your bags and go on a vacation. Near B.C., you can embark on a bucket-list-worthy adventure. Without breaking the bank, you can ride a train across the U.S west coast. The 35-hour trip is one of the most scenic experiences you can go on in North America. 

Amtrack's Coast Starlight route runs daily, travelling between Seattle and Los Angeles. Along the journey, you'll get enjoy the breathtaking sights lush natural wilderness. 

You'll pass by rugged mountains and nearly 564 kilometres of California pristine coastline. It is an easy way to see several states at once. 

Unlike driving, you can comfortably kick back and relax. As there is no way, you would want to drive 35 hours straight. 

The train will also pass through some of the most vibrant cities in the country. You'll get to see Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, before finally arriving at Los Angeles.

The journey is surprisingly affordable, too. It is from $99 USD one way for the reserved coach seats. They come with electric outlets so you can charge your phone or laptop, extra legroom and even a footrest to keep you comfortable.

Or if you don't mind paying a bit more, there is also the option to reserve rooms with two private beds. These accommodations also include free meals.

While aboard, you'll be able to visit the sightseer lounge, which has giant floor to ceiling windows. It is the perfect spot to soak in the dreamy sights.

You can then enjoy a delicious meal in the dining car, or you can get a quick snack at the cafe. Or if you prefer, you can save some extra money and pack your own food.

At the end of the day and a half journey, you'll then arrive in Los Angeles. Once you leave the train, you'll want to give yourself some extra time to explore. 

You can either take the train back or catch a cheap flight back to Vancouver from LA.

Some of the not to miss sights include the iconic Hollywood Sign, the Walk-of-Frame and Disneyland Park.

Amtrack's Coast Starlight

Price: $99.00+ USD

When: Daily

Address: Route between Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can see most of the west coast of the U.S including nearly 564 kilometres of California coastline.

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