After years of proving their worth in Metro Vancouver, TransLink BC was named one of the best transit systems in North America. According to the TransLink Facebook page, the BC transit authority has been awarded the 2019 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award. The BC company was officially awarded the title on Wednesday.

TransLink was able to successfully beat out some of the largest transportation systems in Canada and the US to win the award from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

Kevin Desmond, TransLink CEO, posted an open letter thanking the customers and the APTA for the award. In the letter, Desmon thanks the 7,800 employees that he calls the “heart and soul of the organization.”

According to the Vancouver Sun, this award is based on a number of aspects including riders growth, operational efficiency, maintenance initiatives, customer service, financial management, marketing and sustainability between 2016 and 2018.

During that time, ridership for TransLink had an 18% growth while also achieving record highs in on-time performance. This is something that stuck out to APTA when awarding TransLink.

"TransLink’s ridership has reached unprecedented levels and despite our enormous growth, we’ve also managed to achieve an all-time high for customer satisfaction,” wrote Desmond in the letter posted on the Translink FB page. “I’m extremely proud of our team and the outcomes we’ve achieved.”

Paul P. Skoutelas, CEO and APTA President congratulated TransLink on the win and labelled them as “a role model for the rest of the public transportation industry.”

Following the award, congratulations have poured in from multiple notable sources. According to the Vancouver Courier, even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognized the transit system. 

"Canadians have developed a reputation for exemplifying leadership in innovation, sustainability and technology. The Government of Canada continues to be an active partner in helping to deliver this world-class system and celebrates TransLink’s outstanding achievement,” Trudeau said.

In order to make TransLink even better, the company announced a series of new initiatives, including 32 new double-decker buses that will expand the number of passengers in Vancouver. 

TransLink also announced that they will be launching a new RapidBus system in BC to offer faster and more frequent rides than regular B-line buses.