Just yesterday, we reported that the driver involved in the Humboldt Broncos crash was charged in court. 

The truck driver, Jaskirat Sidhu is facing 29 charges. 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death and 13 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily injury. 

Our thoughts continue to be with injured Bronco Layne Matechuk and his family. He remains in hospital, but he is awake and making progress. Layne's family released a statement today https://t.co/Pb5PtjFZRi #HumboldtStrong pic.twitter.com/lwuk0lCVIg

June 29, 2018

For months, Canadians have been following any updates on the case and the recovery of the hockey players that survived the deadly accident. 

We've just learned that Transport Canada is taking matters into their own hands. They just stated that they will be implementing a new mandatory law by 2020 that will hopefully prevent this type of deadly incident in the future. 

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Transport Canada will require all of their newly built highway buses to include seatbelts. As you may know, most transport buses in Canada don't currently require travelers to wear a seatbelt. 

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The federal department explains that seatbelts will be mandatory on medium and large highway buses starting September 1st, 2020. They claim that the department first proposed the changes in 2017, but since the Humboldt Broncos crash on April 6th, they've discussed the need of seatbelts more.

Even though Transport Canada has stated that all new buses will need to have seatbelts, they haven't discussed what they will do with old buses. Transport Canada has not made it clear whether it will be mandatory to modify all of the older buses that were built without seatbelts, that are still currently in use. 

We will keep you posted on any updates from Transport Canada.

Source: Global News