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Travel The U.S. For Super Cheap With This Cross-Country Train Adventure

The U.S. isn't necessarily known for its public transit the way Canada and Europe are. However, Amtrak stations are hidden in many states and traveling by train is just so affordable. Tennessee road-trippers can travel the U.S. for cheap with just a short trek to embark on an exciting cross-country journey.

Wanderu has put together an itinerary that begins in New Orleans and takes you through six cities across America's map. The money you'll spend on gas on your 7-hour trip from Nashville is hardly pocket change when you compare it to the hundreds you'd spend on flights to all these places.

Using Amtrak routes, you'll depart from NOLA and explore Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Albany and Boston. This is the perfect way to discover many regions of the U.S.

Starting on the beachy West coast, you'll travel through the chilly Midwest and back to the East coast to explore the Northern cities.

If you add up the cost of each trip, the total is only $692.04. It's possible that you could spend that on just a trip to L.A.

If you've been contemplating a multi-city journey through the country, this is the ideal opportunity to escape and discover all things new.

According to Wanderu, these prices are based on the average cost of a one-way ticket for the respective route available on Wanderu over a 30-day period.

Be prepared to spend around 120 hours (about five days) traveling. Although it's a bit more time consuming, train rides can often be therapeutic as you ride through the countryside and watch the world go by from the window.

Just think, you're crossing over 20 states and observing thousands of miles of picturesque beauty. That in and of itself is an adventure.

Amtrak Cross-Country Trip

Price: $692.04

Address: 1001 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: Take a chance to escape by train and explore U.S. cities across the map for a super affordable price.

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