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Italy Is Reopening Its Borders In June & One Region Will Even Pay For Part Of Your Visit

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Travel To Italy Will Resume In June & One Region Will Pay For Part Of Your Visit

As provinces here at home start to gradually reopen, countries around the world are doing the same. Travel to Italy will be happening once again from other countries starting in June. One region will even pay for part of your visit when tourists are allowed to come back.

It was announced on May 16 that Italy is reopening its borders to international visitors as the country eases its COVID-19 restrictions.

With that reopening, travel between regions in the country can resume and only be limited by state measures from June 3 onwards.

That also applies for travel to and from places abroad.

Stores are also able to open up again on May 18 with strict cleanliness and distancing measures in place.

Regions in the country can restart every aspect of their economies that might still be closed as long as safety measures are followed.

While Italy is reopening and allowing international visitors in again, Canada is still warning about travel.

An official global travel advisory is currently in place that tells Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside fo the country until further notice.

That's because it might be difficult to return home or you might have to actually stay abroad indefinitely.

To revive the tourism industry in Italy, one region is offering to pay for part of your visit once travel restrictions are eased.

Sicily's regional government announced a plan to subsidize part of people's trips there from domestic and international locations.

It's a €75 million plan that will allow the region to buy vouchers and cards to be given out to tourists.

That's just over $114 million here.

With this travel subsidy, if you stay for at least three nights, Sicily will pay for one of them.

If you stay for six nights, two of them will be paid for.

According to The Local, a site for Italian news in English, vouchers will also be given out for museums and other cultural sites in Sicily.

This is supposed to become available through the Sicilian tourist board's website once travel can resume.

Like Italy, Iceland is also letting tourists visit again starting in June.

If you travel there, you can either quarantine for two weeks or take a COVID-19 test upon arrival to see if you have the virus.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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