Japan Is Looking For Tourists This Summer & There Are Already Flights From Canada

There's flights from Canada starting in June!
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Japan Is Looking For Tourists This Summer & There Are Already Flights From Canada

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Japan, an adventure could be on the horizon! In an announcement this week, the head of the Japan Tourism Agency revealed that the country was creating a $17 billion plan to bring tourists back, by offering to pay a portion of their vacation fees. With flights available from Canada this summer, travel to Japan could resume as early as June.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, the Japan tourist board has confirmed that the subsidy will only be available to domestic tourists within the country. That said, flights are still available from Canada starting in June.

According to Forbes, Japan’s new plan to offer expense subsidies was revealed earlier this week, when the head of the Japan Tourism Agency announced that the government wanted to boost tourism.

While the exact details of the plan are still unknown, the new program is expected to cost the country upwards of US$12.5 billion, which is more than CA$17 billion!

Air Canada is already preparing for the country’s reopening, and is operating flights to Tokyo as early as June.

Forbes suggests that the new initiative could kick-off as early as July 2020, providing Japan's travel restrictions ease up.

It's worth noting that Canada still has an active travel advisory in place right now, which urges travellers to avoid all non-essential travel outside of the country.

Japan's new tourism plan follows a similar announcement from one region in Italy, who is offering to pay for part of your visit once travel restrictions are eased.

Sicily's regional government has promised to subsidize costs for domestic and international visitors, as part of a $114 million plan to give local tourism a boost.

More details are expected to be revealed when the country reopens its borders this summer.

Japan and Italy are not the only places that could be open to Canadian tourists as early as this summer.

Both Iceland and Greece have announced intentions to welcome back international visitors in June, with flights to both countries already scheduled to recommence.

That said, there's still plenty of global travel restrictions in place right now, due to the ongoing pandemic. 

If you're considering booking an international vacation or even travelling inside Canada this summer, be sure to check local COVID-19 restrictions and travel rules beforehand.

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