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11 Fall Reading Week Trip Deals For Students From Toronto

Start packing!

With syllabus week already long gone, I'm sure everybody is already waiting on Fall reading week and have prospective plans in mind. While you could use the week for what it's intended for and stay at home to study, let's be real you'd rather not. If you are looking to get away for the week and forget about your assignments and their due dates, we've got 11 vacations for you to go on with your friends that are perfect for every broke student! 

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You won't regret spending your reading week in Cuba! Located near Havana, you'll be staying at the Villa Bacuranao where you can enjoy the perfect balance of relaxation and activity. From all inclusive dining and entertainment, the shopping nearby and of course the poolside, you are guaranteed to have a good time! 

Trip length: 7 days. 

Price: $635 each for 2 guests (includes hotel, flight and food).

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Want to explore within the country? Check out Vancouver! From the mountains to the lakes, the gorgeous scenery will definitely make the trip worth it. Plus you'll know all the hot spots to go to, even if you are new to the city! 

Trip length: 6 days. 

Price: $493 for round trip. 

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Who doesn't want to explore Europe? The long flight times make it seem like you've got to spend a ton to go across the pond but luckily for you, you don't! So spend your reading week biking on cobblestone along the rivers instead of drowning in textbooks at the library! 

Trip length: 6 days. 

Price: $609.98 for round trip.  

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New York 

The big apple is the perfect place to spend your reading week! From the adorable cafes, shows on Broadway to shopping in Soho, you've got a crazy amount of stuff to do in the city that never sleeps! 

Trip length: 7 days. 

Price: $294.46 round trip. 

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You've got to visit the city of light at least once in your life, and what better way to do it than during reading week with your friends or partner? You've got a couple more weeks to brush up on your French before departure! 

Trip length: 6 days.

Price: $539.98 for round trip. 

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Boston is the perfect spot to go with friends. You could catch a Bruins game, check out the gorgeous Harvard campus, or even just enjoy the Fall weather in the picturesque city! This spot will definitely please a big travelling group with varying interests. 

Trip length: 7 days.

Price: $299.26 for round trip. 

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Las Vegas

Sin city is calling your name this reading week! With school and stress piling up, what better way to relax than to get all your friends together and party for a week straight? Grab your bikini, sunscreen and ID and get ready for the week of a lifetime you probably won't remember! 

Trip length: 7 days.

Price: $501.21 for round trip. 

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Los Angeles 

While Toronto may not have had the hottest summer, Los Angeles never disappoints weather wise. So if you're already missing summer, head over to LA to surf in Venice and try In n Out! 

Trip length: 7 days.

Price: $523.02 for round trip.

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From shopping and entertainment to exploring monuments, anybody and everybody will enjoy a week stay in one of the hottest tourist spots in the world! There are endless things to do, eat, and enjoy so start packing! 

Trip length: 7 days.

Price: $608.70 for round trip. 

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If you've got a love for the outdoors and want to get some more exploring in before it gets too cold to even leave your house, Portland is the place to go! From the cute and eccentric spots in the city to the picturesque nature scenes you'll make all your classmates jealous! 

Trip length: 7 days.

Price: $335.15 for round trip. 

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Nashville may be well known for their country roots, but you'd be surprised at how gorgeous their landscapes are! From vast waterfalls and massive canyons to the lush greenery, it's incredible! If you love the outdoors and hiking you definitely should spend your reading week here! 

Trip length: 7 days. 

Price: $467.32 for round trip. 

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