I think all my dreams have come true because an actual cottage made completely out of chocolate exists in the world! What's even better is that it's for rent and you can sleep inside. This is every chocoholic's fantasy, don't even try to deny it! 

You may be thinking that this isn't anything but a hoax and I'm going to introduce you to a cottage made out of chocolate but it's actually going to be just a cottage filled with chocolate treats, but you'd be wrong! This cottage actually is constructed out of 1.5 tons of chocolate from the walls and roof to the fireplace and duck pond outside. 

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Via Booking.com

If you've been hoping to take a trip to France in the near future, you've got to add a stay at The Chocolate Cottage located in Sèvres to your bucket list. This place really makes the term 'home sweet home' ring true! 

The cottage can accommodate 4 guests who will be surrounded by chocolate everything including the chandelier, cups, clock, bookcase, dresser, and so much more! The best part about your stay here is that you'll be treated to a workshop where you can make your own mini chocolate homes led by the creator of the chocolate cottage, Jean-Luc Decluzeau. 

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Via Booking.com

Via Booking.com

The Chocolate Cottage has been available for rent since September 2018 and is the perfect place to add to your bucket list for 2019! This is clearly a popular destination and it's highly likely that the cottage will be booked up for a while but hopefully, you'll be able to find a night that's not too far in the future! 

Check out Booking.com to learn more and book your stay. 



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