Summer only lasts for what feels like a minute in Alberta, so there's no shame in planning ahead. After all of the campgrounds have shut their gates and after every music festival and food truck has come and gone, you’ll be back in your flannel pajamas with your Starbucks mug and regretting every missed patio beer opportunity – that is, unless you have something to look forward to. Fortunately, an amazing festival is coming to Banff this fall. The Banff Craft Beer Festival is returning to Alberta this fall. 

From November 21st to the 23rd, 2019, The Banff Craft Beer Festival will be back in the province to help bring some much-needed excitement for the winter months. 

You'll be able to drink your heart out in Canada's first National Park. To get to the beer festival, you can take a shuttle from Banff into the greater heights of the Rockies to the cave that is located in Basin historic site. 

Discovered by railway workers and built around a natural thermal spring in the 1800s, this incredible cave location is considered to be the birthplace of the Banff, and is now also the home of a tasty beer experience unlike any other.

The festival is sure to be picturesque. It will be held in an outdoor space facing the mountains with a dimly lit grotto and narrow tunnels of the legendary cave location.

If you arrive early, you could even be one of the lucky people that are given the opportunity to take a lantern tour of the cave, as pictured below! 

Make your way through the heated tents with as you try the best in craft beer offered at the festival, with many of the beers produced right here in Alberta.  

The event organizer of this festival, ABF (Alberta Beer Festivals), is known worldwide for their ability to bring together an impressive party of brewers and distillers and this year will be no exception with over 300 craft beers and spirits for you to sample at the event. 

Truly Canadian craft beer is distinguished not only by its taste but also by its story. At the festival, you can meet the brewers responsible for establishing such a prominent place in the beer community, and learn more about what makes Alberta beer so unique.  

After all of this learning, sipping and all the vicious Instagramming, you’ll probably be pretty hungry. Thankfully, the festival also features munchies from the best restaurants and pubs in the area.  

Under a sheet of stars, you’ll be able to breathe in the fresh air and relax with your favorite local beer while sitting by a bonfire and listening to local live music performed by some of Alberta's most talented artists. There's also going to be an after party at the Banff Ave Brewing Company! 

Tickets for this event will be available on the ABF's website. They typically range from $30 to $50 dollars for a one-day pass, or up to $80 for a three-day VIP Pass. They will go on sale in October, around a month before the festival. 

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