As soon as summer comes, we're literally running for the beaches and forests around the province! Crystal clear lakes have a particular spot in the hearts of British Columbians because they're just inherently magical and summer is the best time to get yourself out on a lake.

Lindeman Lake near Chilliwack is a total hidden gem and the waters here look emerald green and even turquoise in the right light! If you're tired of battling the crowds at the Grouse Grind and Quarry Rock hikes this summer, then why not drive out to the Fraser Valley? You'll get a decent hike in and be treated to this incredible lake at the end. 

Even though this place is close to Cultus Lake, it's way less crowded in the summer. This is perfect for anyone with a misanthropic streak or who just don't want to encounter a bunch of tourists and or day-drinkers on their relaxing weekend hike!

The Lindeman Lake hike is about a 2-hour drive from Vancouver. The hike itself is about 3.4 KM round trip and will take you almost no time to complete. You can continue on the trails though and reach another hidden lake, Greendrop Lake about 4 km in! This area is part of Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park and there's a campsite right by Lindeman Lake if you're looking for even more adventure and time spent by this beautiful lake!

This hike is great because it's not that far from Vancouver, but if you're looking to get away from the city even more, then check out this hike on Vancouver Island that brings you to waterfalls and a crystal clear swimming hole!

Lindeman Lake

Price: Free

Address: Lindeman Lake, Fraser Valley E, BC V0X 1X0

Why you need to go: For a fun and not too difficult hike this summer ending with an incredible emerald green lake.


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