We have our fair share of natural wonders in B.C., but this one is really something special. No one can so no to a beautiful natural hot spring. Thankfully, Lussier Hot Springs in B.C. is just off the highway, so you can sneak away for a quick dip while you're on the road. 

Lussier Hot Springs can be accessed from the Whiteswan Forestry Road in southeastern B.C. 

It's a ten-hour drive from downtown Vancouver and a much shorter four-hour drive from downtown Calgary. 

So if you're taking a road trip between the two cities, you can't find a better destination to stop at. 

Located within the heart of the Rockies, this place is both a phenomenal viewpoint and the most relaxing natural spa.

It's just a few minutes off the dirt road, so if you want to make a quick getaway from long car rides, the hot spring is there for the taking.

There is a pathway with wooden railings that will lead you right down to this oasis.

Whether you like to be as comfortable as possible while admiring the gorgeous mountains or you just like chilling in the water, this trip will be worth your time. 

Lussier Hot Spring faces the Kootenay mountains and is right next to a flowing river. If you've been seeking a space where you can be one with nature, this is it. 

The calming sound of the water and the chirping birds in the nearby woods should be enough to give you all the zen vibes you could imagine. 

The spring is made up of three rock-walled pools and the closer you get to the river, the cooler it gets.

So in the heat of summer, you're free to jump straight into the river to feel a cold rush of adrenaline.

The hot springs are situated at the entrance of Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. The park is home to two mountain lakes: Whiteswan and Alces. 

You would already get access to some spectacular views of Kootenay mountain in the springs itself but if you want more, you can always venture deeper into the park. 

Whether you like to get warm and cozy in hot springs during the freezing cold seasons or you like a refreshing dip in the water for the hot summer days, Lussier Hot Springs will be a blast either way. 

So go ahead and bookmark this for your bucket list. 

Lussier Hot Springs

Address: Whiteswan Forestry Road, BC

Why You Need To Go: Experience the most spectacular, mountain-facing hot springs you could imagine. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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