When it comes to road trips, there is no better person to go with than your significant other. Who else is going to jam out to tunes with you in the car, take endless pictures of you without complaints, and just be all-around great company?

If you're looking for new destinations to take spontaneous road trips to over this summer whether it is a day trip or weekend stay we've got you covered.

These are the spots you need to venture out to this summer, so create those Spotify playlists and get the aux cord ready for the trip.

St Mark's Summit // Cypress

This hike is only 45 minutes from Downtown Vancouver and offers one of the best views of the Howe Sound. This is the perfect day trip to take with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you are both hiking fanatics.

Spotted Lake // Osoyoos

This unique lake is made up of a variety of minerals, including calcium, sodium sulphates, and magnesium sulphate. When the water evaporates during the hot summer months, it leaves concentrates of these minerals that form the spots visible in the lake. It is certainly worth the trip to see these interesting formations.

Christina Lake // Kootenay

With over 350 metres of sandy beach to relax out on, and the warmest water in all of Canada, Christina Lake is a place you're going to want to visit at least once during the summer months. There is plenty to do around here if you're into water sports and activities.

Logger's Lake // Whistler

Just a short drive from Vancouver, this lake in Whistler is perfect if you and your bae just want to relax on a serene, quiet lake. A note: the rope swing there has fallen out of use, as it's commonly held to be dangerous. But there are plenty of other ways you can show off your acrobatic skills to your besties in this cool clear water.

Mystic Beach // Vancouver Island

Mystic Beach features a splashing waterfall, and is perfect for a long walk along the beach with your significant other. Located along the shores of the Juan de Fuca trail, it is one of the area's most scenic beaches.

Portland, Oregon

Portland offers amazing food, great coffee, and a killer hipster vibe — so pretty much Vancouver, but in the United States. If you have a weekend to spare, head across the border because there is so much to explore in Portland (a weekend might not even be enough).

Penticton // Okanagan

The name Penticton means "a place to stay forever" and we can see why. If you're going for a day or weekend trip to the area, you can enjoy the lakes, wineries, and more.

Oyster River // Vancouver Island

Oyster River is a relatively hidden gem on Vancouver Island — and it is the perfect spontaneous road trip if you want to relax in crystal clear waters and swimming holes. It truly is a little piece of paradise.

Sasamat Lake // Port Moody

Sasamat Lake is perfect for couples who want to take a leisurely hike, have a picnic, or swim in the lake. It is a very popular spot during the summer though, so make sure you get there early to grab a parking space.

Cathedral Grove // Port Alberni

If you want to see some of the oldest Douglas Fir trees (some are up to 800 years old), you have to visit the Cathedral Grove. There is something so serene about walking under these towering, majestic old trees — and this spot should definitely be on your road trip bucket list.

Elfin Lakes // Squamish

Elfin Lakes are two small lakes located in Squamish, both with amazing alpine scenic views. You are allowed to swim in the top lake, but the lower lake is reserved for drinking and therefore must be kept clean. This is a full day hike and is quite challenging, but extremely rewarding for couples who love hiking.

Bear Mountain // Harrison

This trail is long and difficult, but if you are a hiking enthusiast then the hike is well and truly worth it for the views. It is also in the Harrison region, so if you are taking longer than a day trip, you can drop by the Harrison Hot Springs after to rejuvenate.

Hot Springs Loop // Pemberton

Even in the summer months, nothing beats relaxing and rejuvenating those tired muscles in natural hot springs. Luckily, there are plenty located near Vancouver, so you have many to choose from. Be sure to research the hot springs before going to avoid closed ones. Then, prepare to be amazed!

Cowichan River // Vancouver Island

One of the best things you can do during the summer if you're looking for some downtime is tubing down the Cowichan River. Grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and enjoy the crystal clear water and scenery as you float down one of the most beautiful rivers in B.C.

Stawamus Chief // Squamish

The Chief towers over the town of Squamish and offers some spectacular views - one of the most popular hiking destinations from Vancouver. If you're looking for an easy hike with great views, this is it.

Della Falls // Strathcona

Della Falls is the highest falls in Canada, standing 444 metres high, and it is definitely worth a trip to. The spectacular view is something you have to experience with your significant other. And although it is a tough hike, the endpoint is worth it.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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