When I was a kid we had the best treehouse in my dads backyard. It was huge and super magical. It was where I spent most of my time and conjured up many of my childhood dreams. The nostalgia I get just from thinking about that treehouse make me want to desperately go back to be a 9 year old girl, when my only concerns were if my dad was going to make me come inside for dinner.

Growing up you start to think you may never get to hang in a treehouse again. Well get that idea out of your head because there are handfuls of dope spots in BC that you can rent a treehouse with you friends. None of these places will remind you of the treehouses you played in as a kid. They are way more more luxurious, but equally as fvcking awesome.

Here are 8 dope treehouses you can rent in BC:

Photo cred  - www.airbnb.ca

San Cobble Treehouse // Mill Bay, Vancouver Island

Features: Legit backyard Treehouse, this one is actually in someones backyard and they give you access to the hot tub and the pool.

Accommodates: 2 people

Cost: $32 a night per person

Distance from Vancouver: 3 hours, 30min

Book here

Photo cred - freespiritspheres.com

Free Spirit Spheres - Eve // Qualicum Beach, BC

Features:  One of three sphere's suspended in the tree offered by Free Spirit Spheres.

Accommodates: 2 people max

Cost: $105a night per person

Distance from Vancouver: 3 hours, 30 min

Book Here.

Photo cred - freespiritspheres.com

Free Spirit Spheres - Eryn // Qualicum Beach, BC

Features: Double bed, loft for third person.

Accommodates: 3 people

Cost: $116 a night per person

Distance from Vancouver: 3 hours, 30 min

Book Here.

photo cred - treehousecottage.com

The Treehouse Cottage // Sechelt, BC

Features: 2 queen beds, huge tub, wood burning fireplace, multiple decks,outdoor fireplace, BBQ, hot tub, in-cottage massage, spa service 2 blocks away.

Accommodates: 4 people

Cost: $75 a night per person

Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour, 13 min

Book here

photo cred - secretcovetreehouse.com

Secret Cove Treehouse // Halfmoon Bay

Features:  2 one bedroom Treehouse suites, rain shower for two, deck overlooking Secret Cove, BBQ., luxurious robes and hand knit slippers and towels.

Accommodates: 2 people

Cost: $87.50 a night per person (rates vary per season)

Distance: 2 hours, 42 min

Book Here

Outa The Woods // Wardner, BC

Features: 2 sided front deck, loft bedroom, walk-out balcony, double hammock, solar powered, beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains, 2 handmade spiral staircases.

Accommodates:  4 people

Cost: $65 a night per person

Distance: 9 hours, 51 min

Book Here

The Cliffhouse // Galliano Island

Features: 2 spacious decks, indoor wood fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, solarium, outdoor shower, 5 min from the beach, BBQ.

Accommodates:  4 people

Cost: $47.00 a night per person

Distance: 2 hours, 37 min

Book here

The Bird House // Victoria, BC

Features: Private beach, large deck, BBQ, bunkbed.

Accommodates:  2 people

Cost: $45 a night per person

Distance: 3 hour, 23 min

Book here

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