Hotels are awesome and we are definitely suckers for room service, but they can't compete with the price and unique selection that Airbnb has. There's a castle Airbnb close to B.C. that will actually make you feel like royalty. This is the fairytale getaway you've always wanted. In Sequim, Washington, just over the border from B.C., there's a cute castle you can rent with your friends and it's really cheap. 

There's room for 12 guests inside the castle which rents out for about $200 per night. If you split it with a group then you're paying just $18 each per night. You could afford to spend a whole week living like royalty at that price.

This place isn't just your average home that looks kinda like a castle. Inside, the home is decorated with unique medieval touches like armour and rich, royal hues. The rounded walls inside will make you feel like you're actually inside the turret of a castle and you'll never want to go back to boxy-spaced living after staying here.

Sequim is actually an adorable town to visit, too, when you're ready to leave the palace walls. It's famous for being a lavender growing region and the name of the castle Airbnb is actually the Sequim Lavender Castle.

The entire castle is yours to call home. There are three bedrooms and all-in-all the place can sleep 12 people, making it great for parties and events.

You can really dive into the fantasy of acting like Kings and Queens of your own castle here. There's another Airbnb in Washington that's inside Bella Swan's house where twilight fans can live their fantasy out in real life. Seems like Washington is the place to go for fantasy getaways.

The castle Airbnb is in Sequim, Washington and it's about an 8-hour drive from Vancouver. You can also get there by the Coho ferry that leaves from Victoria, B.C. and have a fun adventure on the high seas before your medieval castle adventure.

If you're looking to stay closer to Vancouver, then you're in luck because we know of another adorable Airbnb that's perfect for your next weekend getaway.

Sequim Lavender Castle

Price Per Night: $207

Neighbourhood: Sequim, WA

Why You Need To Go: Have a royal getaway at this actual castle with your friends near B.C.

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