It's been a minute since there's been a Vancouver flight deal that got us excited. Flights out of here can seem so expensive that it feels a bit like we're forgotten or isolated out here on the west coast. Finally, there's a deal happening right now that's worth getting excited about—you can get a cheap flight to China from Vancouver for $324!

That's the round trip price if you can believe it. According to Chris Myden from YVR Deals, you can get flights from China Southern with one stopover in Guangzhou for this ultra-low price for dates in September, October, November, and December 2019. We verified it for ourselves and can hardly believe it!

Here's How To Get The Deal

You're going to want to use Google Flights to search for the lowest prices available. Don't worry about the prices you see, because once you look at these dates in Skyscanner, the price comes down considerably — almost $150 cheaper! Look for flights in September, October, November and December.

Using the date and city combinations you found in Google Flights, enter them into Skyscanner and you'll find the cheapest options available. For instance, we searched for flights from Vancouver to Beijing from Wednesday, Sept. 18 to Saturday, Sept. 28 and found flights for $324.

Just be aware that right now, there's a travel advisory in effect for Canadians travelling to China. The Canadian government recommends that travellers exercise a high degree of caution "due to the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws," so it's a good idea to read up on the risks and what to look out for so you're better prepared for your trip.

For anyone who scores big on this travel deal, they're in for a fantastic last-minute getaway to China for super cheap. Saving on your flight is so exhilarating and it frees up more room in your budget for adventures like checking out the Great Wall or visiting The Forbidden City.

For more information on this flight deal, check out YVR Deals.

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