There's so much to explore in BC that it's impossible to see it all. To reach those amazing spots, it can take a while to get there with hours of driving and ferry delays. If you're looking for a new and unexpected natural gem that you can easily get to in a day, then you should check out this natural waterslide hike close to Vancouver this summer.

A few hours south of Vancouver, the Denny Creek Waterslide Hike is located in Washington State. Locals in Seattle love to head to this place on the weekends for a fun hike and a dip in the creek. Bring your swimsuit along on your trip and prepare to have one of the most fun and rewarding hikes ever.

A natural waterslide is a river or creek where there's a smooth section of stone that you can slide down just like a waterpark. It won't be as fast or as comfortable as a plastic chute but it's pretty remarkable and a lot of fun. Plus, dipping into the cool creek is a great way to chill out on a hot day.

The Denny Creek Waterslide Hike is 9.6 KM round trip and it's a pretty easy trail. You will probably want to wear hiking boots or sturdy sneakers because the path is rocky and full of tree roots. It's a spectacular trail because it's surrounded by towering old growth forest trees. Once you reach the second-crossing of Denny Creek on the trail, you're at the waterslide rocks!

Denny Creek is really close to Vancouver, it's just a 3.5-hour drive away. If you were planning on making it down to Seattle this summer, then you should definitely put this place on your summer road trip bucket list. Nearby, you can check out Washington's lazy river that's perfect for floating!

Denny Creek Waterslide Hike

Address: I-90, North Bend, WA 98045, USA

Why you need to go: An amazing hike takes you to a natural waterslide hidden in a forest that dips into a crystal blue pool!


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