No one wants to pay more for a flight. Those super-budget travellers among us are hardcore devoted to only paying a shockingly low price for airfare. I only want to buy an airplane ticket if the cost of the flight would make my jaw drop. Right now, you can snap up roundtrip flights from Vancouver to Havana, Cuba for less than $300.

Even though Cuba isn't geographically all that far away from Canada when you look on the map, it really feels like it's a world away.

From the colonial architecture and historic buildings to the pastel-hued cities and old classic cars — Havana is one of the most enchanting places on earth.

If you love beaches, music, coffee and palm trees then Cuba has to be on your bucket list. Plus, it's often a lot less touristy than places like Mexico so it's easier to get off the beaten path and have an authentic experience.

Plus, Cuba is where the real-life pirates of the Carribean were so there's a ton of cool history and coastline here for you to see.

If escaping Vancouver for a while and opting for rum cocktails on the beach instead sounds like your jam and you're on a budget, then you're in luck. 

It's less than $300 to get out of Vancouver and over to Cuba. Even though it's the holidays right now and you might not have a ton of extra cash right now, future you will thank you for your gift.

Cuba is a smaller country and super easy to explore by train or on a motorbike. It's also pretty cheap to eat and stay there.

Here's How to Get the Deal

Head over to Skyscanner and search for flights from Vancouver to Cuba during the cheapest months of travel.

We found roundtrip flights for $291 leaving in October 2020.

If you've been meaning to sneak away from the city for a while or plan that romantic getaway with your s/o, then this is the ultimate chance. Who wouldn't want tickets to Cuba for Christmas?

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