If you’re struggling to think of the perfect place to take your date this Valentine’s Day, how does Costa Rica sound? While a romantic vacation to Central America may usually be pretty pricey, select flights from Toronto to Costa Rica are now less than $370 roundtrip, meaning this once-in-a-lifetime date night could be closer than you think!

The Central America region is a bucket-list destination for many Canadians, thanks to the country’s beautiful tropical forests, exciting volcanoes, rugged coastlines and unique wildlife.

Known as the “Switzerland of South America,” it’s an extremely clean and safe country, and is, therefore, becoming an increasingly popular hotspot for Canadian tourists seeking adventure.

If you weren’t already feeling swayed, it’s a go-to vacation destination for Justin Trudeau!

In fact, the Prime Minister took a festive vacation to the country just last month, staying for so long that Canadians started to wonder what he was doing there.

With Valentine's Day now officially on the horizon, what could be a better way to kick off the new decade than with a Trudeau-inspired trip to Costa Rica? 

According to flight price-checking service Secret Flying, February is the perfect month to find discounted flights to Liberia, Costa Rica, with the cheapest flights from Toronto costing as little as $368 for a roundtrip.

If you’re considering taking your significant other on the trip of a lifetime, you don't have too long to make up your mind! 

You’ll need to be prepared to grab your passports and pack your bags in the next few weeks, as the cheapest flight deals to Costa Rica are in January and February 2020.

According to Secret Flying, select flights from Toronto to Liberia start at just $368, including your return trip.

While the dates aren't particularly flexible across the year, there's plenty of recommended cheap flights departing throughout the first two months of the year.

Some examples of the best-discounted dates in January and February 2020, as suggested by Secret Flying, are:

  • 18th January – 27th January 2020

  • 19th January – 30th January 2020

  • 22th January – 3rd February 2020

  • 29th January – 5th February 2020

  • 1st - 15th February 2020

  • 7th - 15th February 2020

If you're interested in exploring potential vacations in Costa Rica, you can follow the links provided on the Secret Flying website or use the Skyscanner price-comparison website for your perfect dates.

Keep in mind that prices are known to fluctuate, and deals can change and expire at any time.

If you're not prepared to lose out on a Trudeau-worthy Valentine's vacation to Costa Rica, don't leave it too late to book your perfect trip!

More details and additional date suggestions can be found at Secret Flying's website.


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