The cold region of northern Manitoba offers a unique experience that is unlike anything you've seen before. Here you can see polar bears in Canada aboard a moving hotel. Even though we know Canada is home to polar bears, most of us have never seen these awesome animals up close before. If you've always wanted to see them in their natural habitat, then this is your chance.

In the north of Manitoba, you'll find the city of Churchill, the "polar bear capital of the world." It is here you'll find an insane moving hotel, that crosses the frozen landscape.

The Tundra Lodge is a hotel on wheels with 32 rooms. It's designed specifically for viewing polar bears. It looks like a train but it's actually just vehicles and it reminds us of the film Snowpiercer.

Inside the hotel, you'll find private rooms, shared bathrooms, a lounge, and a dining car. 

The interior is like what you would expect on a train. The small hotel rooms offer you a comfortable night's sleep in a compact space.

Within the hotel, each room has a window so you can view the polar bears from your bed. There are also outdoor viewing platforms perfect for taking photos.

If you want to ride The Tundra Lodge, you can sign up at Natural Habitat Adventures. They offer a 6-day adventure perfect for anyone who wants to see polar bears.

The roundtrip journey departs from Winnipeg and heads Churchill. On the small-group tour, you'll also get to go on excursions on the Polar Rovers.

These all-terrain tundra vehicles will let you get even a better look at the artic animals. While exploring, you might also see Arctic fox, caribou and even the northern lights.

All you animal lovers are going to want to add this incredible opportunity to see polar bears to your bucket list.

The cost of this once in a lifetime adventure isn't cheap; it costs $9595. The fee covers your accommodations, excursions, meals, alcoholic beverages, cold-wear clothes, and roundtrip flight on a private charter.

If you absolutely love animals, then start saving up ASAP so you can treat yourself to an arctic adventure you'll never forget.

Natural Habitat Adventures Polar Bear Tour

Price Per Night: $1,919‬

Neighbourhood: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why You Need To Go: This is your chance to see polar bears while sleeping on The Tundra Lodge

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