Are you looking to spice up your summer with a little fantasy, perhaps? This hobbit hole Airbnb in Ontario may just be the spot for you. It’s the perfect combination of cute, cozy, and literary-inspired.

The property is located in Tichborne, Ontario, which is just under a three-hour drive from the GTA, so it’s possible to make the trip for a weekend.

It’s described as being situated overlooking a “glade in the forest,” and only four of five minutes down the trail is lakeside access.

The lake is excellent for swimming and canoes are provided free of charge to guests.

You can also go fishing, but you are required to bring your own license.

While the house is cute and cozy, it is very remote, meaning you will not get cell service, running water, or electricity.

However, there is potable water provided to guests, along with an outhouse.

In case of emergency, guests can use facilities at the main house, which include wifi and a landline.

The kitchen does not feature any electric or gas appliances, but does have a stovetop burner to cook basic meals on. They inform guests to pack like they're camping, just leave the linens and dishes at home!

The host, Wintergreen Studios, is a "year-round, off-grid wilderness retreat centre located in the heart of the UNESCO designated Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve in Southeastern Ontario."

The property is advertised as being on 200 acres of land and filled with walking and hiking trails.

Despite the lack of internet and cell service, it looks like you won't run out of things to keep you busy.

The listing currently has a rating of 4.98 stars out of five, meaning that guests have had nearly perfect experiences. 

If you're looking to get away from the city while still following travel restrictions, this is the perfect location. Quiet, restful, and restorative, this Airbnb might just be what you need.

Hobbit House: Enchanting Cabin in the Forest




Neighbourhood: Tichborne, ON, Canada.

Why You Need To Go: This hobbit-style Airbnb will have you living like you're in a fantasy novel, and it's so quiet and peaceful! 

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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