Spring is a magical time of year. It's the time when the sky turns from grey to blue, the ice and snow begin to thaw, and all the nature that looked like it could never come back to life again slowly start to grow again. 

Spring is undoubtedly my favourite season, mostly because of the gorgeous blooming flowers. Everything from fields of tulips, gardens full of lilacs, and parks overflowing with cherry blossoms make me insanely happy during this time of year! Cherry blossom season can get pretty crazy though with everyone trying to get the best pictures for their Instagram feed, but if you want to skip the crowds at High Park you should make a trip to Niagara to visit the stunning Magnolia Alley!

If you head to the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse which has a stunning indoor greenhouse and outdoor gardens you'll also find the Magnolia Alley during the spring months. The Showhouse is close to Niagara Falls just under a 2-hour drive from Toronto. 

Magnolia blooms at the exact same time that the Cherry Blossoms bloom which is expected to be as early as next week! You can walk through a stunning pathway that is lined with these bright pink Magnolia Trees at their peak this May.

Magnolia Alley is located on the pathway leading up to the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse from the back so you definitely won't be able to miss it! If you head to Horseshoe Falls and keep going towards the Showhouse you'll stumble upon this stunning sight! 

Magnolia and cherry blossoms often get confused for each other because the colour and look of the trees are so similar! Two main differences are that magnolia petals are much larger than cherry blossoms and the magnolia also have a strong fragrance where cherry blossoms don't have any fragrance. So you can literally stop and smell the magnolia this spring!

Check out their website for more information and things to do in Niagara! 

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