If staying in your average hotel is starting to get boring,  Ontario Airbnbs have a variety of unique stays for you to explore. From private islands to glamping experiences, there are a variety of places that you can go to escape city life for a while. So, it's time to hit the railroad tracks, because you can stay in a converted caboose in Ontario this summer. 

For a low price of $51 a night each, you and your partner can stay in the caboose of a 1940s wooden train.

The Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario, located in Smith Falls, is offering a special deal that allows guests to hunker down in a decommissioned CN wooden caboose from 1947.

The old-timey bedroom comes with its own "pull-down beds with fresh linens," which allow you to rest your eyes near "the quiet glow" of the room's lantern.

Photos of the room appear to harken back to a simpler time, where you can truly emerge yourself into the 1940s lifestyle. 

"The inside of the Caboose is fit with electricity, yet still has the original setup. This includes three foldout benches that become beds, a raised area known as a "Cupola," a writing desk, a stove, and a sink," reads a description of the place on Airbnb.

However, when it comes to washrooms and a kitchen, you have to go to the museum station. 

"Please note that the stove and sink are no longer functional, but there are electrical outlets provided. A small kitchenette (fridge, sink, microwave), showers and washrooms are available inside the museum station," it adds.

As for its amenities, the place comes with the basics. The site hints that it is not a hotel but a "unique glamping experience." 

While your say will include Wi-Fi so you stay connected to the outside world, it doesn't have a heating or air conditioning, so make sure to come prepared. 



After spending the night in the amazing caboose, breakfast is then provided, which is a definite plus.

CN Wooden Caboose 

Price: $51 per person a night

Address: Smiths Falls, ON  

Description:  You and your partner can take glamping to the next level in this unique find! 

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