Ontario's rich history is full of dark moments that have given rise to several haunted sites and eerie places; many of which can still be visited today. For a paranormal enthusiast, Ontario is a hotbed for research and ghostly exploration.

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Here are 9 haunted places you can visit in Ontario:

Merritton Tunnel

St. Catharines

The Merritton Tunnel in St. Catharines is perhaps one of the most haunted places in Ontario. It is often referred to as the "Blue Ghost Tunnel" due to a mysterious blue mist that was often seen coming out of it on some nights. The tunnel is reportedly known to make people feel extremely ill or nauseous. Past visitors also noted "pushing" sensations near the tunnel entrance and the echoes of crying children. It has been sealed for safety reasons, but the perimeter is still available for those who would still dare to explore the area. There are also some claims that there is still a hidden entrance to the tunnel.

*Narcity would like to note the tunnel itself is not open to the public.

Dundurn Castle


Dundurn Castle is a neoclassical mansion in Hamilton that was owned by Sir Allan MacNab back in the 1800s. Although the castle is historically known to have been a place where prominent figures like kings (King Edward VII) and prime ministers (Sir John A. MacDonald) went to for grand entertainment, it also has a significant haunted essence. Past visitors have claimed to encounter cold spots within the castle, drafts and breezes, random music and the unexplainable movements of an old doll between rooms.

Mackenzie House


The Mackenzie House was the home of Toronto's very first mayor William Lyon Mackenzie, and it appears that he still hasn't left. After passing away at the house years ago, his presence is still felt. Visitors claim to have seen his ghost in his old bedroom, along with another ghost of a mysterious woman. A rocking chair in the basement reportedly rocks by itself, and the in-house printing press turns on and off on its own.

The Donnelly Farm


The Donnelly Farm may look nice and cozy, but it's actually the site of a gruesome massacre that took place in the 1880s. The Donnelly family was murdered by members of a vigilante mob; none of which were ever convicted of the crime despite two criminal trials. The old barn still remains today, and many visitors have claimed to feel physical touches and intense pressure on their bodies inside it. Odd noises like footsteps and voices are sometimes heard throughout the house, which was rebuilt on the site where the original house was previously burned to the ground.

Inn at the Falls


The Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge is an old hotel that you can still stay at today. But if you're planning to do so, be warned of the presence of ghosts and the occurrence of odd paranormal events. There are a few past guests of the hotel that never ended up checking out; three of which have earned famous ghost nicknames. "Bob" is known to throw random objects at visitors in the kitchen, "Charlie" has been seen sitting creepily at the top of the stairs near Room 105, and "Sarah" has been sighted lingering the halls of the upstairs and making crying noises.

Bala Bay Inn


Bala Bay Inn is a spooky alternative you can stay at in Muskoka instead of a cottage rental. The inn is known for its reported ghosts and paranormal activity. Spirits are known to wander throughout the inn, including that of writer and musician E.B. Sutton, who is said to be a permanent resident. Odd occurrences including levitating objects, the random turning on of television sets, creepy voices and footsteps, and the rattling of doors.

Regional Mental Health Centre

St. Thomas

The Regional Mental Health Centre in St. Thomas opened in 1939 and has since then gained a reputation for being haunted. The centre was a place that held people who committed crimes that they were not guilty of because of mental illness. About 90% of the patients held in the facility were charged with serious offences, including murder and manslaughter. Some were even violent - suicides, impalings and bludgeonings are just some past incidents involving notorious patients. The facility is said to be haunted by the ghosts of those who have died inside it. Curtains have been seen moving on their own, lights flickered by themselves and the sounds of crying, sudden bangs and whispers can be heard at night. The premises is now guarded by security for trespassers, but one can still view the building from the outside perimeter.

The Jester's Court

Port Perry

The Jester's Court is a haunted pub where you can drink and be spooked. The staff there are frequently subject to paranormal activities that often get in the way of their work. Ghosts of little girls are spotted in the stairwell, a lady in a blue dress has been seen haunting the women's washroom, and the ghosts of elderly individuals wreck havoc at the pub with their loud conversations and throwing of items at guests and staff.

Old Oxford County Court House and Jail


The Old Oxford County Court House and Jail is the home of an infamous death mask worn by Thomas Cook, and alleged wife murderer that was executed in the 1860s. One story tells of paranormal incidents that were triggered when the mask was removed from its hanging spot in an archway entrance to the courthouse. Lights started to flicker immediately and a giant ghostly face materialized into an air duct tunnel until the mask was hung back up again.

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