Time to renew your passports because you will not want to miss out on this incredible flight deal. Right now, you can get flights from Toronto, Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for less than $500! These flights are leaving in the late summer, in August and September. many of these flights will have a stop-over in Panama but the layover is less than an hour. 

This cheap flight deal is your chance to end the summer of 2019 on a high note with an epic South American adventure to one of the most exciting destinations on the planet! Also, Canadians visiting Brazil after June 17 this year will not require a visa for entry. That means less stress and more fun for Canadians heading to Brazil. 

Brazil is a massive country so there's no end to what you can see and do! Whether you want to head straight to the beach or see the Amazon rainforest for yourself, outdoor adventure abounds in Brazil. There are also limitless possibilities to immerse yourself in their culture by taking in a soccer game, eating at a traditional Brazillian barbeque spot and wandering around their cities.

Here's How To Get The Deal

First things first, go to Google Flights and search for flights between Toronto and Rio de Janeiro. You'll be able to find flights around $499! If you want to see how low your airfare can go, then you'll have to jump over to Skyscanner after your Google Flights search to see airfare dip to $474. I searched for flights from Friday, August 30 to Thursday, September 19 and found flights at this low price.

Check out YYZ Deals for more information on this flight deal.

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