Scotland is a seriously beautiful place that most of us have had on our bucket lists for a very long time now. They're known for lush green hillsides, ancient castles, their interesting choice of foods like haggis and meat pudding, and of course their love of bagpipes and plaid kilts! 

All of these things make up the unique and exciting culture that is Scotland and let's be honest, who doesn't love a Scottish accent? If you've been wanting to travel to Scotland for a while, now's your chance because the prices on roundtrip flights have dropped a crazy amount!

Flights to Scotland are usually at least $700 round trip but there's a crazy deal happening right now where you can fly for only $380 which is almost half the price! When you get to Scotland you can explore iconic spots like the Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness lake, the infamous Glenfinnan Viaduct Train where the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express was filmed!

The flight deal is available for October 2019 and here's how to get it: 

Go to the Skyscanner UK website and enter Toronto to Glasglow, Scotland. Enter the month of October 2019 and you'll find super cheap flights all month long but remember these prices are in British Pounds so you'll have to convert the prices to Canadian afterwards.

The cheapest date combinations include: 

October 1st to October 8th 

October 8th to October 15th 

October 22nd to October 29th 

Once you choose the dates that work best for you in those time slots you should get the total price of 218 GBP which is about $380 CAD. The flight involves one stop in London both there and back but this is still a really great deal to get to Europe! 

There are other flight options if you want to pay a bit more which involve either more stops along the way or fewer flight hours but you can look through the options on Skyscanner and start booking! 


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