Saskatchewan is a gorgeous province. This flatland gets every season imaginable and has some pretty epic things to do. Not to mention, the skies in Saskatchewan are worth the visit alone. They don’t call it the land of the living skies for nothing! If you happen to find yourself in this beautiful province, we found 7 unique places to stay in Saskatchewan for you to enjoy a dreamy night of fun on the cheap.  

Canada has many little-known gems and one of these beautiful hidden destinations is in Saskatchewan. This middle province is often overlooked because of its cold winters, but if you give it a chance, Saskatchewan has so much to offer. 

Among those offerings is an endless list of cozy, adorable and unique Airbnbs. And you know how much we love a good rentable yurt or treehouse. 

We did a roundup for you of seven unique Airbnbs to try the next time you're in need of a unique Canadian getaway. From converted school buses to adorable tipis, Sask has something for everyone.

Flora Bora Forest Lodging 

Price Per Night: $223

Address Or Neighbourhood: Emma Lake, Sk 

Why You Need To Go: This yurt is a wilderness lover's paradise. Its circular, open-concept interior is spacious and has enough room for you and three other people to stay comfortably.

Alive Sky Lodge 

Price Per Night: $140

Address Or Neighbourhood: Rosetown, Sk

Why You Need To Go: What is more Saskatchewan than staying in a converted grain bin? This unique rental has been turned into a tiny home and it’s more adorable then you think. While it is small, it has everything you need and maximizes the space better than an IKEA display. 

Tipi Glamping on Treaty Six Territory 

Price Per Night: $90

Address Or Neighbourhood: Meadow Lake, Sk

Why You Need To Go: Tipis are incredibly inviting and warm. Located on Treaty 6 territory, this modernized tipi has access to WiFi and a TV. Depending on the level of the river, you can even rent out a canoe on the property.

Cozy Camper Van 

Price Per Night: $119

Address Or Neighbourhood: Prince Albert, Sk 

Why You Need To Go: This camper van is totally road-trip-ready. Stanley the Valley is a converted Dodge Ram that has a fridge, freezer, double bed, battery bank, and party lighting. Why stay in a suite when you can take your accommodations with you?

Unique Short School Bus Conversion

Price Per Night: $209

Address Or Neighbourhood: Prince Albert, Sk

Why You Need To Go: This converted school bus is like a studio apartment on wheels. It has a full washroom, shower, and a kitchen. You will have enough room to bring extra gear if you need it. It even has an indoor fireplace for those chilly Saskatchewan nights. 

Romantic Cedar Suite at Ness Creek 

Price Per Night: $91

Address Or Neighbourhood: Big River, Sk

Why You Need To Go: This tiny suite is everything you and your honey need if you plan on visiting Saskatchewan. Located in Ness Creek, it is the perfect place to spend the weekend should you find yourself hitting up the Ness Creek Music Festival. 

The Hayloft

Price Per Night: $99

Address Or Neighbourhood: Saskatoon, Sk

Why You Need To Go: Right in the heart of Saskatoon is an adorable open concept loft. Equipped with modern furniture, an indoor swing, a huge living room, and an elevated kitchen, this place is simply the coolest. Fun fact, the loft actually used to be a part of a Safeway grocery store. 

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It's time to get out there and explore beautiful SK. And with cute Airbnbs like these to stay in, why wouldn't you?

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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