As the weather gets colder Canadian are ready to head south and bask in sunshine and warmth again. We've got seven countries that are safe to visit according to the Canadian government. These tropical destinations for winter are sure to get any Canadian excited. 

There are a lot of travel advisories put out by the Canadian government to keep Canadians safe. But some tropical destinations have gotten the all clear from Canada and are safe for Canadians to travel to. 

The government take into account local safety and security, possible health hazards, natural disasters, climate and local laws to see if a travel advisory is needed for countries. 

"The travel advice and advisories are the Government of Canada’s official source of destination-specific travel information. They give you important advice to help you to make informed decisions and to travel safely while you are abroad," the government stated.

As you start looking into which sunny destination you want to jet off to this winter it's important to check which countries the government says are safe for Canadians before you book your trip. 

A mild winter is not expected for most of the country so many Canadians will definitely be looking for tropical getaways and sunny vacations. 

Cuba and Saint Lucia are both given the green light by Canada and people travelling there don't have to take any precautions that are out of the ordinary. 

Who wouldn't love to take a vacation to the Cayman Island Barbados? These two destinations are breathtakingly beautiful and also safe for travelling which is great.

Other tropical destinations like Puerto Rico, French Guiana, and the British Virgin Islands are great for travel and the government is telling Canadians that they only need to exercise normal security precautions.

All these countries make for a perfect winter getaway so stop daydreaming about the beach and actually make it happen. 

But if you're pregnant the government wants you to take note of the potential risk of Zika virus in some of these countries. 

Since situations can change quickly it's important to check Canada's travel advisory website before you travel to make sure that no new travel advisories have been issued for where you're travelling. 

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