In Canada, #BoycottUSA is in full effect. Trump has upset thousands of Canadians across the country with his recent metals tariffs, his series of laced comments towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and now his threat to impose levies on auto products.

Canadians are retaliating in the best way they know how — by controlling where they spend their time and money. Many have vowed to boycott U.S. products entirely, with multiple lists of Canadian-made brands circulating online to help people #BuyCanadian.

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Others have taken it a step further and are refusing travel to the U.S., resulting in cancelled trips and a surge in staycations.

Trudeau commented on the rising support of Canadians during an event at Parliament last week. "There's a bit of a patriotic boost going on these past few days," he said.

Although the trade war has caused a massive strain on the U.S-Canada relationship, Canadians are standing by Trudeau and his efforts to stand up to Trump. His latest endeavour involves stepping up the assistance to asylum seekers whose families are being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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"What we will not do is play politics with this," Trudeau said. "We understand how important it is to be firm and unequivocal as we protect and support human rights around the world. And we will continue to do that both by example and by engagement with the world."

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