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The 12 Cheapest Travel Destinations For 2019

Time to book a flight!

I think everyone reading this article can agree that travelling is one of the best ways to spend our time in life. Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, and getting to explore a land that's completely unfamiliar to you is a unique experience that many of us are lucky to have. 

Now that 2018 is coming to an end and many of our vacation days at work are about to refresh for the new year, it's the perfect time to start thinking about where you want to jet off to next! Even though we all wish we could hop on a private jet at a moment's notice and fly to a villa in Italy, most of us are on a budget when it comes to our travel plans. 

But that doesn't mean we can't have an unreal trip while making sure we don't overspend in 2019. There are tons of exciting countries that are actually really affordable to travel to this coming year! I've laid out the average price of flights, the cost per meal and the cost of accommodations so you can get an idea of how much it'll cost in each country! 

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Cost for Flights: $664 (in April) 
Cost per Meal: $6
Cost of Accommodations: $7.50

If you're looking to travel to a tropical and off-the-beaten-path destination, Laos should be at the top of your list in 2019! You'll fly into the capital of Vientiane, explore the markets, and visit the infamous Kuang Si Waterfall that is a magnificent turquoise colour perfect for photos. 

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Cost for Flights: $856 (March)
Cost per Meal: $8
Cost for Accommodations: $12.50

Nepal is a beautiful country and should definitely be at the top of your list this coming year. They have lush forests, tons of wildlife and unreal hiking experiences that all hiking-lovers should experience at least once in their life. 


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Cost for Flights: $790 (February) 
Cost per Meal: $4.75
Cost for Accommodations: $12

Bolivia is an amazing destination and I actually travelled there this past summer! South America, in general, is so stunning but Bolivia has rugged landscapes, world-famous sites like the Salt Flats, and bustling cities like La Paz! I definitely recommend the 3-day salt flats tour and a cable car tour in La Paz while you're there. 


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Cost for Flights: $891 (April/May) 
Cost per Meal: $2 
Cost of Accommodation: $10 

If you want to travel to Southeast Asia this year, Cambodia is an amazing option. Not only is it one of the cheapest places to visit down there, but it also has some of the richest history! You can explore the Angkor Wat ruins, Tonle Sap the largest body of fresh water in Southeast Asia, and the Banteay Srei temples! 


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Cost for Flights: $455 (February-April) 
Cost per Meal: $5 
Cost for Accommodation: $20

Cuba is a well-known destination because of their rich culture, sandy beaches, and colourful 60's cars. Even though it's still a communist country and it doesn't look like the Communist Party will be out of power for a long time to come, that doesn't mean it's not an amazing travel destination! You can explore their beautiful colonialist buildings, rent one of their unique cars and cruise along the waterfront, and eat and drink delicious foods and cocktails every night! 


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Cost for Flights: $1,116 (January/February) 
Cost per Meal: $5 
Cost for Accommodations: $10 

Argentina is a super popular destination in South America because of their breathtaking natural landscapes and European-style cities. You can see glaciers, miraculous mountains, unbelievable landscapes in Patagonia, and try tango in the streets of Buenos Aires! Honestly, there are so many amazing things to do in this country. 


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Cost for Flights: $614 (February) 
Cost per Meal: $15 
Cost for Accommodation: $31 

If you're looking for a European escape this year, Romania should definitely be on your mind. While a lot of people might not consider it over places like Italy or France, it really does have a lot to offer! It's home to breathtaking nature, centuries-old castles, and the legend of Dracula so you never know what might happen! 


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Cost for Flights: $674 (February/March)
Cost per Meal: $1 
Cost for Accommodation: $10

Thailand is probably at the top of everyone's list at this point and for good reason! They're home to unbelievably beautiful beaches, lush forests, rugged islands, and bustling city streets to explore. It's an incredibly cheap country considering you can get Pad Thai on the street for less than $1 if you want to and there's no shortage of temples to explore as well! 


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Cost for Flights: $499 (April/May)
Cost for Meals: $5 
Cost for Accommodation: $10 

Colombia is another one of the countries I hit on my trip down to South America this past summer and it was one of my favourites! The city of Bogota is bustling and full of history, Medellin full of beauty an exciting stories, even though they encourage you not to take the Pablo Escobar tours that glorify his death. You can visit the Guatape rock and climb to the top, relax on the beautiful beaches of Cartagena and so much more! 

Sri Lanka

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Cost for Flights: $876 (March-May) 
Cost per Meal: $8
Cost for Accommodation: $15 

Sri Lanka is a completely underrated travel destination for 2019. The weather will be perfect, you can stay in a cozy cabana on the beach, and one of their best attractions is a train ride through the lush forests past scenic ocean views! 


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Cost for Flights: $528 (February-March) 
Cost per Meal: $11 
Cost for Accommodations: $40 

Portugal is probably at the top of my list for European destinations when I finally get over there. The city of Lisbon is so beautiful with its waterfront views, rock formations along the turquoise water, the adorable yellow trams that will take you up the steep streets, and so much more! 


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Cost for Flights: $736 (February/March) 
Cost per Meal: $3.50
Cost for Accommodation: $30 

Turkey is an amazing destination to choose for 2019! Hop on a flight to Istanbul and experience rich culture, delicious Turkish coffee and treats, unique marketplaces, natural sites like the salt hot springs and so much more! 


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