Get your team together and try this brand new escape room inside of a Cold War bunker. The next time you are in Nova Scotia you need to visit Enter The Bunker which is such a unique escape room as it is inside of Debert Diefenbunker!

In the new escape room War Games, you race against the clock to prevent nuclear annihilation. The story takes place in 1969, where the tension between the USA and the USSR have reached a critical tipping point, and everyone fears a nuclear attack.

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War Games is the perfect room for some friendly competition! In this escape room, your friends will go head-to-head in two teams to see which side wins. Does your team have what it takes to win?

There is plenty to do while you are at Enter The Bunker. In addition to the escape room, you can play laser tag, compete in eSports, watch a movie at their theatre, or even take a historical tour of the bunker! There is so much to do; it is worth the road trip to Debert, Nova Scotia!

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For more information about Enter The Bunker, or to book the new escape room War Games visit their official website.

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