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This Super Rich Family Wants To Hire You To Travel The World And Take Their Pictures

Dream job alert!

The world of photography has seriously taken off since the rise of Instagram. Now instead of hoping to be hired by a famous magazine, photographers can travel and create beautiful photographs on their own platform! But even with Instagram creating a super easy way to get your work out there, it's definitely not as easy as some make it look to actually make good money. 

The dream would be to travel the world, take stunning photographs, and earn 10s of thousands of dollars doing it. Well, now you can because a super-rich family wants to hire a talented photographer to follow them around the world taking their photos! 

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Even though the job itself is super exciting we know you'll be even more excited to hear about the 80,000 euro ($121,000 in CAD) salary that comes along with it! They're hiring their photographer to travel with them for 12 months and if they fit well it could be extended. 

The family is planning on travelling to some amazing destinations including the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, diving in the Maldives, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, skiing in Val d'Isere, and Carnival in Rio De Janeiro! The family also owns holiday properties in Europe, South America, Australia, and America so you can expect to be visiting places there as well. 

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The job will involve working 10 hours a day usually with sick days as well as 30 days of vacation. They will be paying for the cost of travelling, accommodations, and food on top of the salary that the photographer will be making! 

Their first trip starts in February so they're hoping to find someone to fill the position by then and I really don't think they'll have any troubles. If you love to travel, have talented photography skills, and want to see the world while making tons of money, this is the best option! 

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Anyone interested in applying to this unreal job can fill out an application on the Perfocal, a photography booking service, here







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