Be transported to Stars Hollow at this quaint little inn found in Alabama. The Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast has the same cozy vibes that the Dragonfly Inn has in the Gilmore Girls. This little B&B is nestled in a scenic nook full of trees and flowers. You can wander these beautiful grounds or throw on your robe and hang out in your ultra-comfy room.

You can totally recreate the feeling you get when watching Lorelai and Rory saunter through the inn at Stars Hollow at this amazing little B&B in Bama. You will feel like you're a part of the show while lodging at this enchanting inn.

Situated on a popular scenic road called Oak Street, this spot is lined with massive live oaks that form a stunning tree tunnel. This unique pathway to the B&B is like a portal to Stars Hollow.

It is even tucked away in the gorgeous little town of Magnolia Springs. If you go in the summer, you'll be greeted with breathtaking views of blooming flowers and the peaceful sound of rustling leaves. 

It's just like a Southern version of the Dragonfly Inn, complete with a pretty front porch overlooking lush surroundings that look like they belong in a magazine. 

Don't forget to indulge in delicious breakfast options like baked French toast and freshly brewed coffee that tastes like it came straight out of Sookie's kitchen. 

Guests can choose a comfy stay in the McNair Room, Worthington Room, Cowen Room, McLennan Room, or Harding Suite. This incredible place is for you if you love canopy beds, soft robes, and claw-foot tubs.

Magnolia Springs is undeniably the perfect romantic getaway for two. Plan a weekend away for you and your S/O at this cute spot in Alabama and channel your favorite Gilmore Girls couple.

Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast

Price per night: Start at $139

Address: 14469 Oak St., Magnolia Springs, AL

Why You Need To Go: Have the cozy getaway of a lifetime at this B&B in Alabama. You'll feel like you're on the set of Gilmore Girls.

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