Luxury usually comes at a price, but every once in a while, you can get lucky. This dreamy California Airbnb comes with a Lamborghini you can cruise in. And get this - it's actually affordable! *Drools*

As soon as you walk through the front doors, you'll be shocked at how big it is - there's so much to explore. 

This sprawling Hollywood estate covers more than 6,000 square feet and has countless luxurious amenities. Think of a heated pool, hot tub, massive kitchen and entertainment room, three-car garage, and the option to rent out some pretty exotic vehicles.

The modern luxury estate costs $1,197 per night to rent, and you can split the cost with up to ten guests. That's only $119.70 per person!

It gets even better.

You can choose to rent out a cherry red Lambo (in true Fast and Furious style), a sleek black SUV Mercedes Benz, or a white corvette that comes with the Airbnb rental.

The spacious backyard is the perfect place to host parties and events, and the interior of the house is designed with sky-high ceilings and glass railings.

There is a huge swimming pool and deck where you can mix drinks and lounge all day and a full-size basketball court where you can practice your dunks.

Inside, there are four large bedrooms with five beds and four and a half baths.

Since it's built as a smart home, you'll have full control of the temperature and audio, along with digital entry systems all from a remote in the palm of your hands.

Seriously, what does this house not have?

It's the perfect place to plan the ultimate bachelorette or bachelor's party or a tranquil couples' escape.

Either way, you get to drive and live in style for a weekend of VIP bliss. 

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Luxury Modern Estate With Lamborghini

Price Per Night: $1,197 for up to 10 guests - That's only $119.70 a night per person

Address: Hollywood, California (exact location revealed after booking)

Why You Should Go: You and your friends can live the VIP lifestyle and drive a Lambo for cheap.

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