After its devastation, Mexico Beach has remained forgotten by many but not for the locals whose properties were swept away by Hurricane Michael. This Gulf Coast beach town still remains as a charming Old Florida town with one of the best beaches in the Florida Panhandle. 

The category 5 hurricane left remains and a barren town where many had to leave and never look back. Slowly, the town has been rebuilding while seeing a resurgence in beach activities.

Despite the lack of tourism and still abandoned homes where only debris form part of the facade, locals continue to show their love and strength for this charming coastal town. 

Still, while you can notice the inhabitable conditions, guests continue to visit the restaurant and a cafe that withstood the behemoth storm. Currently, you can see some sea oats making a comeback to the beach and a coffee shop called Caribbean Coffee which has a lovely view of the coast where houses previously blocked the panorama.

Among the disaster and secluded streets, some beachgoers continue to visit Mexico Beach for its incredible views and clear waters.

The secluded beach and temporary ghost town is a great spot for surfers and those yearning for a more tranquil getaway. The Never Forgotten Mural serves as a reminder for visitors to never forget what happened and how they can help locals rebuild the town.

This beach town needs visitors more than ever and a trip to this coastal gem will help businesses rebuild the town. There are few retailers, restaurants, boutiques, entertainment and real estate offices open to the public.

If you are looking for a summer adventure, visit Crazy Waverunners and Parasail or enjoy a splendid dish at Crazy Beach Pizza.

Mexico Beach locals still stand strong and are expecting for Mexico Beach to flourish again. 

Mexico Beach Welcome Center

Address: 102 Canal Pkwy, Mexico Beach, FL 32456

Why You Need To Go: This Gulf Coast paradise is peaceful and whimsical despite the devastation by Hurricane Michael.

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