If you're a Floridian, chances are you've wanted to book yourself a weekend staycation in the Keys a time or two. Lodging can get expensive in paradise so splitting the cost with your BFF or bae is always the way to go; you'd be surprised what seriously cool experiences that splitting costs can afford you — like camping the ocean in an adorable floating tiny house cabin in Key Largo.

This adorable Airbnb sits anchored in the Gulf of Mexico near Lake Surprise, offering a unique and private stay. You'll have to ride your personal dinghy to and from the shore to get to the little private cabin on the water that they call The Blue Marlin.

The little cabin is completely green friendly, running entirely on solar power; you have a large fan to keep you cool at night and TV for late-night lounging. Don't forget to pack the popcorn, snacks, and wine for the mini-fridge —
and yes, there is even a toilet.

The stay is ideal for two, with a queen-size bed perfect for those nighttime snuggles with your boo. The listing has a maximum weight limit of 450 lbs between the guests and luggage.

Given you're in The Keys though, you probably won't want to be inside too much. You can enjoy that tropical breeze from your lounge deck, complete with a cozy love seat, chairs, coffee table, and grill — fry up some grub, and watch the sunset with your boo.

Previous guests have said it's awesome to sit and watch marine life swim up to the houseboat. One guest mentioned seeing a dolphin and described the stay as "magical."

You even have an outdoor shower on the deck; swim and snorkel off the side, then you can wash off the salty seawater before turning in and waiting for the sun to set to enjoy some wine under the stars.

The listing is also really close to the first-ever undersea State Park in the U.S., where the snorkeling is prime and the reefs are enchanting. You can even see a sunken statue known as "Jesus of the Abyss" here.

The Blue Marlin is surprisingly affordable for such a cool and unique stay. It can sleep up to two guests at $146 a night, plus the $10 per day cash for parking onshore — totaling $60 per person. Romantic stay for two in the Keys? Yes, please.

An overview of The Blue Marlin can be seen below. If you're looking for more unique and surprisingly affordable stays in The Keys, there's an extremely adorable solar-powered houseboat cabin in Key West, too.

The Blue Marlin Private Anchored Houseboat

Price Per Night: $146/night, plus $10 per day cash for parking — $78 per person. Comparable to most hotel rooms in the area. 

Address Or Neighborhood: Key Largo, near Lake Surprise

Why You Need To Go: Completely solar powered, anchored out in the water. Includes TV and a fan for a cool and cozy night in, or sit out on the little deck and grill up some grub and watch the sun go down. You even have a mini-fridge to store drinks and snacks. Go for a swim, snorkel, and observe marine life right off your outside deck. It's a super unique and romantic stay for two.

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