There's something about a crisp and deep blue body of water that makes us all just want to jump in - and with summer in the Sunshine State fast approaching, compiling your list of weekend adventures while keeping cool has probably been on your mind. You'll want to add this deep blue spring near Jacksonville to your summer bucket list - we already want to jump in it.

The spring is located at Fanning Springs State Park and shares its name with the park. This shimmering cool blue spring produces well over 65 million gallons of water daily, keeping it super clean and clear for us to enjoy. The entire freshwater oasis is shaded under a canopy of ancient oak trees and connects to the historic Suwanee River, which is perfect for paddling in your kayak or canoe.

We're ready for a summer dip after seeing some of the photos of this place. It's the perfect summer splash pad for keeping cool and creating blessing backdrops for your Insta-photos to share your love for all things water and nature. Check out some stunning shots of the springs below:

The deep turquoise hue creates some really cool moody and artistic effects when taking underwater photos too. The way the light comes in just right through the surface on a sunny day lends way for some stunning blue underwater shots like these below:

The State Park also has boardwalks and hiking trails that wind through a canopy of ancient oaks. It's shady and beautiful if you're wanting to get a little exercise before hopping in the springs to cool off or zen out with an exploration around the springs and surrounding swampland. There's an overlook that oversees the entirety of the spring, and the trails take you to oversee the Suwanee River.

They also offer the use of public picnic pavilions for a fee and have spaces for you to have a weekend camp retreat at the springs - and with really affordable camping options! If you're camping the ol' fashioned way on a tent plot, it's super cheap at only $5 per night per adult; They also offer cabin rentals for only $100 per night, plus a $6 reservation fee. Many of the cabins are nestled amongst the trees and have porch swings so you can enjoy your morning with a taste of nature.

If you're ready for a dip in this gorgeous turquoise spring, Fanning Springs State Park is located at 18020 NW HWY 19 Fanning Springs FL 32693. They're open 8 am to sundown, 365 days a year. It's only $6 per vehicle seating 2-8 people, but it will only cost you $4 if you're coming alone.

For more information about Fanning Springs State Park or to plan your summer camping trip, check their website here.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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