Retro video games are part of a very unique and nostalgic vibe. Especially Pac-Man, who is arguably a pioneer of the video game world. Coming across classic video games and consoles in today’s technology-advanced world is like striking gold, so we were pretty excited when we found that you can actually sleep in a Pac-Man inspired room in Orlando and play original Atari games.

The Great Escape Lakeside is one of Orlando’s finest luxury vacation rentals, and they advertise themselves as “absolutely like nothing else anywhere on the planet,” and it is easy to see why.

Just outside of The City Beautiful, this vacation rental has an extensive floor plan that can comfortably house up to 45 guests in their eccentric 13 bedrooms. You can even splash around outside in the 40,000-gallon pool, featuring a slide and lazy river.

Each room has a theme, decorated with amazing detail. Monopoly, Scrabble, Dungeons and Dragons, and more!

There’s plenty to keep you occupied too, with some crazy amenities like human bowling with giant Zorb balls that you can climb into, a laser maze, your own personal night club where you can sing karaoke and dance the night away, and even a luxury theatre.

The Pac-Man/Classic Video Games bedroom features a round queen-sized bed, flat-screen TV, '80s video game themed bathroom, an actual coin-drop arcade machine, and two smaller old school TVs with early classic games.

When you rent the Great Escape Lakeside, your family or group gets the entire ten-acre, 13 room lakefront estate to yourselves!

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Great Escape Lakeside Estate 

Price: prices for the entire estate fluctuate around $1,200-1,700 for a three-night stay

When: Open 24 hours

Address: 12330 E Redwing Rd, Clermont, FL 34711

Why You Need To Go: The ultimate staycation awaits at this entertainment-loaded estate!

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