Halloween may still be months away, but it's always spooky season in our hearts. While we're over here casting a spell in hopes it will bring the season to us more quickly, we luckily still have a few different ways to get our scary fix — like this hidden oddity antique witches shop near Tampa.

You'll find Alchemy & Ashes' witchy wonderland tucked away in Lutz. If you're departing from Tampa, it will only take you about 45 minutes to get there, and it's definitely worth the trip if you're a spooky sorceress at heart.

The shop aesthetic is dark and mysterious with a pop of magic, featuring walls lined with literature, trinkets, jewelry, and odd finds that you probably wouldn't find in any ol' store.

Those with an affinity for the magical and paranormal can purchase herbs, elixirs, and ritual spell kits, as well as receive intuitive medium and tarot readings from one of the many shop psychics.

You can even make an offering to their Intention Altar if there's something you're wishing for in 2020. You simply write your intention on a slip of paper and slip it in the shrine box.

The shop mystics will burn them at the equinox or solstice, releasing energy into the universe to, hopefully, manifest your dreams.

If you're looking for a little crystal healing, they have plenty of gemstones and crystals available for purchase. Some are even a little risque if you know what we mean.

What you decide to do with the male anatomy shaped stones when you get home is totally up to you — we won't judge, YOU DO YOU BOO.

The shop also has some strange trinkets and creations you're not likely to see anywhere else.

From shrunken bodies in containers to skulls and even crazy dolls created by the shop's Madame herself, you never know what you're going to find at Alchemy & Ashes.

If you're more into the mundane with just a little eerie edge, there are plenty of spooky trinkets with history, weird paintings, handcrafted soaps, and more on display to pique your curiosities.

Whether you're a scary sprite or a good witch, there are plenty of magical mysteries to be uncovered at Alchemy & Ashes.

Alchemy & Ashes

Address: 24836 State Road 54 Lutz, FL

Why You Need To Go: Wander through witchy trinkets and creepy oddities that are sure to surprise you. Tons of spiritual items to take the magic in your life to the next level.

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