Vinyl records seem to be a thing of the past, but they have been making a come back. There is something very aesthetically pleasing about them and Millenials have been going crazy for them. Surprisingly, there are still a few hidden record shops in Atlanta that are fun to explore and make you feel like you are in another decade. 

Criminal Records is located in Atlanta and it is massive. It's a throwback record store that will take you back in time to the 70s and 80s.

There are vinyl records, DVDs, comic books and so much more. They even have local bands come play on specific nights. Many famous people, like Raury and the owner of Rapzilla, have stopped by this location, too.   

When you walk into the store, the smell of old records will hit you in the face. It is like when you open an old book for the first time in a while. The store is filled with rows and rows of vinyl from all decades of music. 

This location also has a buy/sell/trade system so everything in this store has a story of where it has been and who has used it. 

They do not only have vinyl, but they have DVDs, CDs, used books, comic books and graphic novels. So even if you are not into the oldies, you have other items to choose from!

Criminal Records is located in Little 5 Points, so you already know that this place will be fun and retro just like everything else in the area. 

Don't forget to take a bunch of trendy and hip pictures once you are inside, because what will look cooler than that on your feed? After sifting though thousands of records, you need to go grab a Jack and Coke slushie from this late-night restaurant in the city. 


Criminal Records

Price: 💸

Address: 1154 Euclid Ave NE A, Atlanta, GA 30307

Why You Need To Go: As soon as you step in, you will feel like you are in another decade. There are thousands of records at this spot to look through. 


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