If you think that you have seen all the trails and completed all the hikes Georgia offer, we bet you have not done, or even heard of this unique one. You are in for a complete surprise as you hike Doll's Head Trail.

This 1.6-mile, round-trip hike, is an easy to moderate trek that might creep you out just a little bit. Despite this, it is very beautiful and is a nice walk for a Georgia day.

The trail’s name perfectly describes what you will find on this trail…dolls and doll heads. You will also discover other repurposed items that seem like they should have been thrown out before they were reborn here.

At the beginning of your walk, you will go over some wooden bridges over the lake that surrounds Constitution Lakes Park which makes for a pretty cool view.

When you see a doll arm pointing you in the direction to go after you cross the lake, you know you have headed the right way and into a forest full of secrets.

Joel Slaton is the creator of the trail's treasures who sees this entire part of land as a piece of art. 

In 2003, the county of DeKalb started building the boardwalks and leveling out the trials on this preserve. Slaton was a local carpenter and noticed all the trash that was left behind and he made it into something unique. 

Others followed in his footsteps and started creating pieces from random things they found along the preserve and that is how Dolls Head Trail became what it is today. 

Besides doll parts and heads, you will notice old, vintage toys and trinkets that have been made into art pieces. They ask you to not bring any “trash” to contribute to the trail, but if you find some on the trail, you can repurpose it and leave it.

You will want to take your time on this short trail because it is easy to miss hidden art pieces on the forest floor and in the plants that surround your walkway.

As you make your way around the loop and back to the beginning, you will have views of the lake that is there, but make sure you are always watching where you are stepping because this is marshland and we all know about the creepy crawlies that live in these areas.

The trail is free to walk and is dog-friendly, which makes it even better.


Doll’s Head Trail

Price: Free!

Address:  3445 Almand Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Why you should visit: The hike is short and is easy, and you will see some unique art that you would not expect to see on your journey.


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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