Whether your niche for hiking is to a waterfall, over a boardwalk or deep in the forest, there is something for everyone here in Georgia. With the amount of history in the state, there is even some hike that will take you to old ruins and even creepy places. This extensive hike on the Appalachian will take you to some spots you would not believe. 

Three Forks hike is just one hike on the very large Appalachian trail. It is a 9.1-mile round trip hike and is pretty difficult. It is not your average hike, but it is worth trying out at least once.

You will be led to a waterfall, an old shelter and a 150-year-old cemetery. 

There is no mountain view on this hike, but you do not need that view with all that you will see on your nine miles. 

The first spectacular part you will come across is Long Creek Falls. This waterfall is 50-feet tall and tumbles right into a pool at the bottom. With the flora surrounding the falls, it makes for a very beautiful scene. 

Your next stop is the cemetery. Honestly, who does not think cemeteries are kind of cool? Each headstone and spot has a story and most in Hickory Flats are over 150-years-old. 

Once you depart from the graveyard, you will hike until you see the Hawk Mountain Shelter. You can go inside this small building and take a break before starting the last half of the hike. 

This trail might be long and difficult, but it comes with some pretty cool aspects. There is another trail in Georgia that is a tad creepy called Dolls Head Trail that has random doll pieces and nick nacks scattered around. 

There are other spooky spots in Georgia that you need to visit if you are into scary things. In Savannah, you can go on your own ghost tour for only $2 and see the most haunted spots. 


Three Forks Trail 

Price: Free!

Address: Hawk Mountain Shelter, Appalachian Trail, Atlanta, GA 30301

Why You Need To Go: This trail is long but will give you views of a waterfall, you will explore and old shelter and see an old graveyard. 


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